Thursday, February 24, 2011

Girl, you better ROCK that NL Hair! NL Styles: A Video Series

For most of my hair journey, I've been Neck Length.. While this length is typically seen as a stepping stone to get to that luxurious Waist Length hair many women crave, we've also got to embrace it for what it is! Unfortunately, many NL women are faced with a dilemma on their wash day----"What in the WORLD am I going to do with this hair after I wash it??". Women of all hair lengths, I'm sure, have this same issue every wash day, however, NL can sometimes be that weird "in-between" stage that many can find frustrating when it comes to styling.

No, you don't have to look a hot mess, just because your hair is shorter than you'd like.

No, you don't NEED a flat iron or blow dryer to make your hair look good.

Yes, you CAN roller-set it!

Yes, you CAN flexi-rod it!

Yes, you CAN find cute accessories and modify styles to fit your length of hair.


For all of you NL ladies who are confused as to what to do to your hair in terms of styling, I'll be adding some videos or picture tutorials on cute hair styles that I hope you'll love as much as I do!

I present to you... NL Styles: A Series

Consider this Volume 1! :)