Friday, October 28, 2011

10*28*11.. The Start of a New Journey

Hey there Black Hair's it hangin'? Well I know it has been a WHILE since I've updated my hair journey trials and tribulations, but life has been hectic! I'm now engaged and have been planning my wedding. I'm also a full-time graduate student, and I've been trying to balance it all, so please forgive me!

But I'm not here to talk about all that. I'm here to talk about the start of my new journey that began today... My first official day as a "Transitioner". Is that a real word? No. Does it represent something awesome for me? Ya tu sabes!

I'm officially transitioning to natural!
No, I'm not joining the "new" natural "fad". I've simply been seduced by the puff.

How it started...

No matter how well I took care of my hair, breakage has always been my issue. Starting in March, I began to wear weaves to stop myself from over-manipulating my hair, using direct heat, and just plain ol' give my hair a break! I've been doing the weaves regularly--every 4 weeks--and achieved what appeared to be fantastic growth. My hair felt thick and was the healthiest it has been in years!...

So, why go natural?

Two weeks ago, I decided to try to straighten my hair by way of blow-drying and flat-ironing. I was highly disappointed with the results. The length was great, but my ends! UGH!! It was a calamity! So I put it in a ponytail and would try again a few days later after a fresh wash... Mid-flat-ironing, I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, "Why am I doing this? do I need my hair to be straight?".

When you're on a hair journey one of the first things they tell you is to "listen to your hair". That sounds so silly because hair doesn't talk. But it does give you signs. My natural hair was thriving. My relaxed hair was..well. looking a little "whomp.. whomp...". I believe my hair was trying to let me know that the relaxer just wasn't working!

Soo... are ya gonna "big chop"?

With all due respect to all my ladies with the TWAs, caesars, and low cut fades... HELL NAW!! I was blessed with many things in life, but one of those was not a pretty head-shape or good cheekbones. I plan to transition. Last night, I clipped about an inch of my relaxed ends, and I'll continue to do so every few months until the relaxer is gone.

The Natural Cult

One thing I've noticed since many women are now going back to their natural hair, is the organization of a new genre of hair fanatic..the "Natural Nazis". Eek! Just mentioning that phrase makes me want to run and hide behind a jar of Coconut Oil. You know the type. I plan to pay these people no attention, as I embark on my journey.

If someone insists on pushing their beliefs on you, let them know that there's a really warm place you want them to go to--and it ain't the Cocomo.

Have you ever considered going natural? Are you natural? Share your transitioning or big chop story!