Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Shedding, biotin, and pH, OH MY!": Has black haircare become an obsession??

Nowadays it seems like everyone is on some type of hair journey. Since starting my own, about 2 years ago, I've come across many fads and lots of new terminology. It's been well-known within the black community that black women tend to take their hair seriously, but while looking through discussions on hair boards, I've always asked myself: Do black women take this hair journey thing TOO seriously??

There has been a relatively recent push towards black women reclaiming their crown and glory by doing away with weaves, "stretching" their relaxers, transitioning to natural, not depending on hairdressers, and just taking better care of their hair. While most are simply searching for ways to obtain more healthy, luscious locks, there are lots of women that are trying to prove that black girls can have long hair, too. That's all fine and dandy, but, I've also been noticing a sort of frantic, obsessive, "go-to-any-lengths-to-get-long-hair" trend in the online haircare communities, which sorta concerns me. Many take this hair thing just a bit too seriously. Here's a few topics I've noticed over the last two years or so.

  • "Can I make BSL in 5 months if I'm EL?" (Not happening.)
  • "I don't wear my hair out EVER because I want to stop one hair from ever breaking off my head!" (A hair journey should be enjoyable, not a jail sentence.)
  • "What hair type am I?? HELP!!!! I need to know NOW!!" (Knowing or not knowing your hair type will not, in any way, stop you from being successful with your hair journey)
  • "If I take 20,000 units of biotin will my hair grow faster??" (Biotin is water soluble, so that excessive amount that you're putting in your body will only be flushed down the toilet.)
  • "I need to buy litmus strips to make sure all of my products are pH balanced!" (With all due respect to those who test the pH of their products, this is highly unnecessary, as most women with long hair don't turn into Bill Nye the science guy in order to obtain their hair goals.)
  • "I had 50 shed hairs today! I counted it in the shower! Should I put garlic in my hair to stop the shedding???" (Shedding is natural and if you didn't shed, that would be a problem.)

The point is: the hair journey isn't just a means to an end, it's a change in the way you take care of your hair. If you use the basics to care for your hair (i.e., keep your hair and scalp clean and moisturized, use protein if necessary, and avoid excessive heat usage, rough manipulation, over-manipulation, and damaging chemicals or products), you're on your way to that goal of APL, BSL, or even, WL hair. It won't happen in 2 months, it may not happen in a year, but as long as you employ those steadfast hair rules, along with some tweaking for your personal hair needs, you'll get there! Don't be so fast to jump on every hair bandwagon that promises immediate or rushed results. Relax. Enjoy the hair journey and learn along the way.

Have you ever succumb to any of these crazy hair trends?? I know I have! I'd love to hear your story!


  1. hallelujah...... thank you for posting this!

  2. Thanks for COMMENTING, Jynkx! I just read some of the topics on hair websites and I'm surprised at how seriously this is being taken. People forget all about the "learning about your hair" part, and don't enjoy their journeys. We need to loosen up a bit!

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