Sunday, August 9, 2009

A lil update...

Okay, so today is Sunday. In my last blog on Friday, I had just washed my hair and was deep conditioning it. I had worn a twist-out style from Friday to today and it looked kind of cute, however, now my hair is like a birds nest. (A twist-out is when you do 2-strand twists in your hair, cornrow style, and then unbraid it and then you have nice crimpy, wavy, curls).

I've moisturized twice everyday and I'm not sure how long it takes for hair to stop breaking/shedding, but it needs to happen soon. I've been pulling out clumps of hair, so I'm guessing my hair isn't healthy enough to rock a twist-out. I'll continue doing my pin curls, since that requires little manipulation throughout the day. So I'll keep my styling simple until I get my hair to a state where it can handle other styles.

My next day to shampoo will be this Monday. I'm not sure if I'll do it on Monday or wait until Tuesday. I started this new hair revolution last Tuesday and so I'm thinking Tuesdays and Fridays will be my shampoo days. I believe my next shampoo will be a co-wash, because this hair can use as much moisture as it can get! Either that or I may just use a conditioner to wash my hair.

I didn't state this in my first blog, which I probably should have, but the reason I started this was because I know there's SO many women out here whose hair is just in terrible condition. I never thought I was one of those women until mine started having major breakage a few weeks ago. I also know a lot of us go through this hair struggle, and end up giving up and throwing weaves and wigs on top of our heads. And that just continues the ugly cycle. So I hope in the end, I'm a success story and this blog here will chronicle my journey from unhealthy hair to luscious locks!

Here's my stats:

Color: Jet black (natural)
Length: 5" at the crown and from breakage theres about 2" around the edges

Thats it for now! 'Til my next wash! I'll post a pic then.

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