Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I got that BUTTER baby!

Mango Butter that is... :) Photobucket

So I finally got the Mango Butter. I found it at a beauty supply on Pitkin Ave in Brooklyn (go figure...)

On Sunday, I did a protein treatment before I washed my hair. To do this I used the Hair Mayonnaise and mixed it in with 1 egg. I let that sit in my hair for about an hour with a shower cap on. Afterward, I shampooed, then conditioned with the Africas Best Hair Mayo (just ran out of the Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayo and this one was cheaper). I left the conditioner in my hair for about an hour. However, my hair was still brittle from the protein treatment. Next time I will do a more intensive deep conditioning with heat, because I saw too many hairs in the sink and was not happy.

While my hair was still wet, I put my moisturizers in, then put it into a loose ponytail and tied it with my scarf so it can dry overnight. The next day it was still pretty brittle, so I decided to start using my Mango Butter, since it's more of an intensive moisturizer. WELL...needless to say, the hype was true. This moisturizer is absolutely amazing.

The reason for the protein treatment on Sunday was that I had an appointment to get a relaxer today (Wednesday). Since relaxers break down the proteins in your hair, a protein treatment before the relaxer strengthens it. I've been reading that it is also good to get a protein treatment after a relaxer to further strengthen. Today I actually bought an ApHogee 2 Step Protein Treatment which I'm REALLY excited about. Step 1 is the Protein, Step 2 is the Moisturizer. I will use this in the next week or two.

Today, I went to my hairdresser and got an amazing perm. Shouts to my hairdresser Lincoln! He actually told me that my hair looks really healthy even though I haven't seen him in about 4 weeks. He was impressed. :) He cut my bang, which I wasn't too happy about but I'll live, then he flat-ironed me. My hair is flowy, however I wanted some more volume so I put it up in pin curls. I'll leave these in until I'm ready to go somewhere and I'll post pix....



Here's my hair after I took out the pins



I've learned that my hair needs heat at times. About twice a week, I use my flat-iron on a low heat setting. Otherwise, my hair is flat and gross looking, and holds no curls. I avoid the blowdryer. My hairdresser uses it, but since I take such good care of my hair's all good. I also have stepped up my hair product game! I've invested in quite a few things and I'm learning what to look for in hair products.

  • in moisturizers, avoid anything with Petrolatum/Petroleum
  • in shampoos, avoid SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE, this is a harsh lathering agent that strips your hair of moisture. There are shampoos with Sodium Myreth Sulfate which is a more gentle cleanser
Right now, I'm looking for Pure Coconut Oil, as it is the only oil that penetrates the hair shaft. This can be used in a Pre-Poo treatment to really get some moisture in there! Also...a daily vitamin helps :)

Til next time...Dueces!

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