Saturday, November 6, 2010


Throughout my hair journey, one of my biggest gripes has been learning to roller set. It's bigger than just "learning to roller set". It's also a way to avoid direct heat and give your hair that shine and bounce that we all crave. I FINALLY got it, thanks to Buildable Beauty on Youtube. She posted an awesome series of videos (5 parts, actually), showing us her Roller setting method, which she calls the "Anchor Method". You'll see why as you watch the video.

After I watched this, I tried it and GOT it. It has to be the best tutorial I've seen. Since then I've been roller setting my hair after my wash every 3 - 5 days and I get great results everytime. Ready for the big reveal??? Drumroll please.


Told ya! If any of you out there try this tutorial, and it worked for you, let me know!

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