Friday, November 5, 2010

Wiggin' out

So, since my last blog on here, I've "wigged" it quite a bit. I went through a few wigs, all of which I loved. I think they did a lot for me, besides giving me a break from my hair when I was frustrated. I believe it helped me retain length when my hair was a bit shorter. If it weren't for the wigs, I'm sure my frustration would have driven me to cut my hair. I'll introduce you to them.

Here was one of the first full wigs I bought.. Let's call her "Janet". I used her from February to about May, on and off.


Here's "Mommy"...sassy lil thing she is.. Everyone loves her. I used her sporadically on the weekends and such from about February to April.


Here's another one I loved. Let's call her "Betsy". Everyone thought she was all mine. lol.


An advantage of wearing these wigs is that your hair gets a break from the elements and you can wash as often as you'd like without worrying about styling your hair afterward. I would wash my hair and then air dry, moisturize, do some cell block D cornrows, and slap the wig on when I go out. For some, especially those with shorter hair, its such a reprieve from the daunting task of figuring how you're going to style your hair without heat.

Be careful when wearing wigs that the wig comb doesn't irritate your nape or edges, as these areas are really sensitive and delicate. Traction alopecia is not a game. Keep those edges (and hair) moisturized under those wigs!

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