Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hairline Bootcamp

A hair journey wouldn't be a journey without at least one setback, right? Well the setback of the moment is my hairline... no, not the thinning of my hairline, but the breakage of my hairline. It looks like I have a halo of short hairs around the perimeter of my hairline. I know it's breakage, because the hair directly behind this "halo" is at least double the length of the broken hairs.

So...with that said, I'm sending myself to Hairline Bootcamp. No playin' around here ladies and gentlemen. This is serious hair business. This isn't for the faint of heart, the heat-freaks, the brush-a-holics, or the wrappers. Feel free to sign up to Hairline Bootcamp at anytime you deem it necessary. Here are the guidelines.

  • NO brushing, only use wide toothed comb. Smooth edges with fingers
  • Tie scarf on forehead, not on hairline or nape. Scarf must be just snug enough to stay on at night.
  • If roller-setting (or any other type of set), leave hairline out.
  • Rollerset (or any other type of set) sparingly. No unnecessary tugging, pulling, small-tooth-combing.
  • Moisturize hairline and nape 2 x daily
  • Apply Castor Oil to hairline at least 3 x a week.
  • Relax every 12+ weeks, leaving nape and hairline for last, about a minute or 2 before rinsing out relaxer.
  • Coat hairline with conditioner and vaseline to deliberately underprocess
  • Don't even look at a flat iron. Kidding. Use heat very sparingly, but once again. leave hairline out of it.
Bootcamp will last 6 weeks, until Dec. 27. We'll assess the progress and go from there. Stay strong out there.


  1. This sounds great! I'm gonna follow these rules and see what happens minus the relaxer part.

  2. Thanks Dasia! Do you have that "halo" around the perimeter of your hairline too? I think it was from me wrapping my hair (even though i changed the direction of my wrap with every wash). So now I'm going to baby the hell out of the edges and see what happens. SOMETHING'S gotta give!

  3. lol, yea. It's not noticeable but I just hate how thinned out my edges look compared to the rest of my hair. It happened b/cus of the box braids I wore one year, they just totally ripped out my edges, it's filled in a little since then but not completely.